First few days

Feed, sleep, poo, repeat

Prepare for the hardest, scariest, most amazing few days of your life with a helping hand from Tommee Tippee. Welcome to parenthood!

The first few days with a newborn can be daunting, even terrifying! There are some obvious things you can do in advance to make things easier - car seat installed, cot ready, bottles sterilized - but there are loads of less obvious things too. Let's look at some ideas and products that can help those first few days run as smoothly as possible.

Get ready for the memories!

From their ID bracelet to their snuggly post-birth hat, take a small sealable bag or box to hospital with you, or have at hand for a homebirth, so you don’t lose any precious memories. And make sure you’ve charged the camera, or have space on your phone to take snaps!

All Louises are awesome!

Plan a visitor strategy!

If you want the first 24 or 48 hours to yourself, let people know! Maybe state in your first Facebook or text announcement when visitors are welcome. This is your time, and you won’t get it back!

Breastfeeding …  it’s tough.

For a lot of women, breastfeeding is not easy. It may take a while, so have a drink, some snacks and your phone or a magazine to hand. A warm flannel may help to speed things up. It may be sore after too, so have a bag of frozen peas and a good nipple cream ready. Sounds pretty brutal, but if you’ve chosen to breastfeed, you know that it’s the very best thing for you and your baby.

Tommee Tippee Electric Sterilizer

Tommee Tippee Electric Sterilizer

Bottle feed like a boss

If you’ve chosen to bottle feed, or combination feed, our first feed bottles come with a wide breast-like nipple to help your baby latch on easily, and switch comfortably between breast and bottle. A bottle warmer is a handy way to warm your bottles, and a sterilizer will protect your baby’s tummy from harmful bacteria.

Pumping - a taste of freedom

Choosing to pump gives you back some well-deserved freedom and flexibility, but the whole process can get messy and complicated. Our Pump and Go range makes everything simpler, and also makes sure you never spill a precious drop - worth a look if you’re thinking of pumping.

Sleep when they sleep.

There’s no escaping you’ll be exhausted for the first few days with a baby, and the classic advice is right - get some sleep when they do, even if it’s just 20 minutes.

They’ll be sick. Lots.

You’ll need more clothes, wipes and muslin cloths than you think. Buy multipacks and encourage friends with older babies to pass on any they don’t need. Your baby doesn’t need to look like a model all the time.


Sangenic Nappy Disposal, Baby Changing, Mum trying to dress

Baby Changing

Their poo will be super smelly

Your perfect newborn will probably poo about 4 times a day for the first few weeks, so be prepared. We recommend plenty of nappies, loads of wipes and a decent diaper bin to keep your house as odor-free as possible!

They’ll need a bath

With all that poo it will soon be time for their first bath. Have some baby-friendly products ready and invest a few dollars on a bath thermometer so you know when you’ve reached that perfect 37 / 38 degrees.

And finally, don’t be a hero.

Forget the housework, forget your boss - you’ve got a new one now! Ask for help, ask your friends and family to bring meals, ask them to do the dishes, don’t apologise for being in your PJs. Just do your best and enjoy it!

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