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you'll question everything but theres nothing you can't handle

Helping parents to embrace and smile about the imperfections of parenthood

You quickly learn that raising a child is also when you raise yourself. Because there’s no baby book on your baby. But you hold this life in your hands and simply refuse to drop it. You’ll make mistakes, lots of them. But then you’ll take a deep breath, trust yourself. And…Parent On
Parent's aren't geniuses, babies don't care
50 Years of Expertise
Humans survived 200,000 years before any baby book was ever published
When you're pregnant there's nothing you can't do, you just have to pee first
Your parenting skills were born the day your baby was
There's nothing like seeing your baby for the first time, or your ankles
Take a deep breath, and trust yourself
You'll do anything for your baby especially if your baby wants you to eat three cupcakes and take a nap
Babies don't come with an instruction manual, they don't need to
You can't order a mother's instinct online
Your parents didn't have search engines
You know you're showing when complete strangers start rubbing you for good luck