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Parts Guide

A step by step guide to all the component parts, how they fit together and what they do.



The speed at which your advanced bottle and pouch warmer heats milk will depend on the size of the bottle or pouch and the starting temperature of the milk (e.g. frozen, room temperature 70˚F or from the refrigerator 40˚F).

  1. Place your bottle and pouch warmer on a clean, dry kitchen work surface. Plug into the mains power supply and switch on.
  2. Lift the easy lift cradle and place the bottle or pouch inside. For good hygiene we recommend leaving the hood on the teat.
  3. Lower the easy lift cradle into the base of the warmer and add 250ml/9floz of water using your Tommee Tippee bottle.
  4. Press the power button to turn on your warmer. The LED will flash and beep once to show it’s in standby mode.
  5. Select your bottle type. Press the button until the LED next to your chosen setting lights up.
  6. Select the starting temperature. Press the button until the LED next to the starting temperature of the feed lights up.
  7. Select the volume of the feed. Press the button until the LED next to the right feed volume lights up.
  8. Press the power button. Your pouch and bottle warmer will beep once to show the cycle has started. 
  9. When the cycle finishes, the warmer will beep 3 times and LEDs will keep flashing while the feed is still warm. Press any button to stop the LED flashing, or it will automatically switch off after 45mins.
  10. Remove the feed using the easy lift cradle. Take care not to touch the water inside the warmer as it will be hot. 
  11. Once you’ve finished warming your baby’s milk, unplug your pouch and bottle warmer and allow it to cool down. Pour any remaining water away and wipe the inside of the base dry with a soft, clean cloth.

To reset or switch off

To cancel a warming cycle, hold down the power button for 3 seconds and the warmer will reset.


  • For your child’s safety always check milk temperature before feeding by testing on a sensitive part of the skin.
  • Replace the water in your bottle and pouch warmer water after every use.
  • Do not store a bottle or pouch in the warmer.
  • Descale your unit regularly. 


To clean your pouch and bottle warmer

Unplug your pouch and bottle warmer and allow to cool before cleaning. After each use pour away remaining water by tipping it sideways over a sink. Wipe clean with a damp cloth only.

Do not clean with abrasive cleaners or allow to come into contact with solvents or harsh chemicals as this could cause damage.

To descale your pouch and bottle warmer

A build-up of limescale can negatively affect the performance of your warmer. To keep it working effectively we recommend carrying out the descaling process using these frequency guidelines:

Hard water – 7 days

Medium – 14 days

Soft – 21 days

You can find out your water quality via your water provider.

  1. Use a descaler that is suitable for use with stainless steel and use as per the manufacturer’s guidelines. 
  2. Alternatively you can use white vinegar to descale your food and bottle warmer. Please use as per manufacturer’s guidelines. 
  3. Once you have descaled your food and bottle warmer, run one warming cycle to clean it before using it for warming milk.
  4. You may need to repeat the descaling process if you find that limescale is still present.

DO NOT use metal objects or scourers to clean your food and bottle warmer. DO NOT use bleach to clean the food and bottle warmer. DO NOT use abrasive or anti-bacterial materials.

How do I descale?

Descaling is really easy to do, simply unplug your warmer and allow to cool before descaling. We recommend using a descaler that is suitable for use with stainless steel and following the manufacturer’s instructions. However, you can use white vinegar if you prefer.

Why should I descale?

The descaling process removes deposits of calcium and other minerals within the system that may affect its performance.

How long does it take to warmer a bottle or a pouch?

This all depends on the size of the bottle or pouch and the temperature of the contents. It also depends on the temperature of the water you add to the warmer.

Here’s our guide to times:



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