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Find some answers to the most frequently asked questions about your Electric Bottle and Food Warmer.

Is this product included in the Bottle Warmer Recall?

Yes this product has been included in the recent Electric Bottle Warmer recall.  If you own this product, please unplug it and stop using it immediately. To find out if your particular product batch is affected and how to organise a replacement bottle warmer then please view our Electric Bottle Warmer Recall Page.

How do I descale my Closer to Nature Electric Bottle and Food warmer?

There are a number of descaling products available to descale small household appliances - choose your preferred brand and follow the instructions on pack. If at all possible with a newborn in the house, we recommend descaling your bottle and food warmer every 4 weeks. You can of course do it sooner if you notice limescale building up, which you may do if you live in a hard water area. Bad luck if you do - it probably makes your kettle a bit yucky too. And we’re guessing you need that more than ever now that baby has arrived!

Can I use the Ultra™ bottle in the Tommee Tippee Electric Food and Bottle Warmer?

Yes. The Tommee Tippee Ultra™ bottle fits in the Tommee Tippee Electric Food and Bottle Warmer.  

Can I use the Pump and Go™ milk pouches in the Tommee Tippee electric food and bottle warmer?

We wouldn’t really recommend this to be honest - but there is a specially designed Pump and Go pouch and bottle warmer that will do the job far better!

Product manuals

Please click on the link below and download the Electric Bottle Warmer Product Manual.

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