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Find some answers to the most frequently asked questions about your Closer to Nature® Glass Baby Bottle.

Is it ok to put bottles in the dishwasher?

Of course! Pop them on the top shelf though, to make sure they don’t get stained (blame that bolognese sauce or carrot soup you had last night). If they do get discoloured there’s nothing to worry about - they’re perfectly safe, they just don’t look as inviting!

I hear bad things about BPA - is it in your bottles? (& what is it anyway?)

All Tommee Tippee bottles are BPA-free. Our glass bottles are made of … glass, and our plastic parts are made of a plastic called polypropylene. This is lightweight, easy to clean, and completely safe. BPA - that’s (CH₃)₂C(C₆H₄OH)₂ for you science geeks - is a chemical that’s been used in some plastics since the 1960s and it can mess around with your hormones. It’s generally not good, so we don’t use it.

Can I store breast milk in bottles?

Our bottles would love to look after your breast milk. We even have special lids you can pop on to store your milk in the fridge or freezer. If you’re expressing and storing breast milk, our new Pump and Go range may be handy too - it features a clever pouch that you use to express, store, warm and feed. This means there’s no need to transfer milk at any stage, so you’ll never lose a precious drop!

Can I buy bottles with faster flow nipples?

Sorry, nope. Most parents stock up on bottles before baby arrives, so all our bottles come with slow flow nipples as standard. They’re best for newborns. As your baby grows and can feed more quickly, you can buy replacement teats. We do a medium flow which most babies are ready for at around 3 months, and a fast flow nipple which is best from around 6 months. These ages are only guides though - you know your baby better than anyone and will be able to tell when they’re ready for a faster flow.

Can I recycle my glass bottles?

Yep. Our glass bottles would love to be recycled.

Can I get spare parts for my bottles?

Absolutely! Drop us a message through our contact us page and we’ll review that for you.

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