Groegg shell

Personalize your Groegg Digital Room Thermometer with an adorable Oona the Owl shell.

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The Groegg shell maintains all of the Groegg’s safety features, that many parents have come to rely on for ensuring their children have a safe night's sleep, including the night light and temperature reading functions.



Give your Groegg some added charm, with the adorable Oona the Owl egg shell companion.



  • Give your Groegg a little personality with a cute Oona the Owl egg shell companion
  • Fits right over the Groegg digital room thermometer (sold separately) 
  • Looks adorable while keeping all of the Groegg's safety features: night light and room temperature reading
  • The perfect accessory to ensure your little one sleeps comfortably in a Groswaddle, Grosnug or Grobag sleep suit
  • More comfortable sleep for baby, means a good night's rest for the whole family!

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