The Groswaddle is an award-winning alternative to traditional swaddles.

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With the Groswaddle your newborn baby feels cuddled and safe, a feeling that promotes a good night’s sleep.



The large pocket allows natural leg position, recognised as Hip-healthy by the International Hip Displaysia Institute.

Unique swaddle shape

Unique swaddle shape

The unique shape of the Groswaddle makes for easy swaddling with no complicated folding or chance of overwrapping.



  • Suitable from birth to 12lbs
  • Your little ones' upper body and arms are wrapped to create a comforting swaddle
  • The lower sleepsuit pocket allows for a natural leg position
  • Officially acknowledged as "Hip-healthy" by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute
  • Easy to use - no fastenings, worry about overwrapping or legs getting loose
  • 100% Cotton and machine washable
  • What To Wear guide provided on pack

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