Pump Room Inspiration

We want to thank you wanting to make the workplace more manageable for new moms in your office!

We’re here to help you make your pump room a little less scary. We’ve included a few friendly tips below for steps to take to make your pump room more inviting and comfortable for moms! 

Here are a few friendly tips for sprucing up your office pump room:

Ensure the room is private and has a lock. If there are multiple  spaces in which to pump,  use a curtained divider. Another great idea: make the room bookable so moms can reserve it in advance.
Make sure there’s a fridgefor breastmilk ONLY! Youdon’t want any confusionwhen grabbing a cup ofcoffee in the morning.
Provide comfy seating arrangements and reading material. Moms will be in there for a little while. Install speakers so moms can plug in their own music while they pump, too.
Have necessities on hand. There’s nothing like sitting down to pump and realizing you’re outof storage bags! Install a cabinetwith extra bottles, bags, wipes,etc. Maybe even include a few light snacks for good measure.
The power of a dimmer. Lighting with a dimmer willmake the room cozier, privateand help mom focus on theboob in hand.
Install a baby board. Who doesn’tlove a good baby pic? Install abulletin board so moms can put up pictures of their little onesto look at while they pump.

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